ISF is Awarded State Term Contract for Information Technology Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services in the State of Florida

July 20, 2016

Tallahassee, Florida – ISF, Inc., a nationwide management consulting and information technology firm, is one of only 20 firms to be awarded a state term contract for Information Technology Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services in the State of Florida. As a prequalified vendor, ISF can now apply their proven IV&V methodology to partner directly with state agencies, protecting their interests and investments in major IT initiatives.

The Florida Statutes for Services have called for the State of Florida to establish a State Term Contract (STC) for IV&V services. After a review of submissions, the Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) identified ISF as a top candidate whose experience, focus, and dedication to protecting client interests throughout IV&V projects match the needs of the state for verification and validation services. ISF has a long history of successful partnership with the State of Florida, and in addition to this recently awarded contract, also holds contracts to provide Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services and Management Consulting Services.

While this is a newly awarded contract, ISF is well acquainted with IV&V work. Throughout ISF’s history of providing IV&V services to both public and private organizations since 1979, ISF staff members have developed and diligently applied a structured methodology, consistently evaluating performance, assessing deliverable quality, and documenting results throughout each project.

Jonathan Conrad, Client Partner at ISF, notes, “ISF has been working with the State of Florida for over thirty years. We are based in Florida, we have worked with nearly every state agency, and we understand the goals, expectations, and needs of the state.”

In fact, location is a key part of what makes ISF so successful in its work with state government. Conrad explains this connection: “What we bring to IV&V for Florida is a local presence, a familiarity with Florida government projects, and a detailed understanding of how to make IT projects in Florida successful. This comes through decades of experience both executing and managing a broad range of projects. We know how to manage, monitor, report progress, and ensure success in Florida government IT projects.”

Communication is also key throughout the IV&V process, and ISF brings a level of oversight and attention to detail that consistently results in a positive and effective outcome for the client. With a focus on the needs of the client, ISF connects with the core values of the organization. Conrad notes, “Our overall mission at ISF is to ensure our clients receive the best possible services, at the best price and value. We are outcome focused and client-centric. This is why we are perfect for IV&V services, as we are driven to achieve the expectations our client’s expect, in the time they expect. We are experts at defining success, identifying challenges, mitigating risks, communicating reality, and driving to completion. All with our clients’ contracted and desired results in mind.”

IT projects can be challenging to execute, especially in a cutting-edge environment like that of the State of Florida. Conrad addresses this heightened challenge and ISF’s unique ability to address it: “The State of Florida is a leader and innovator in IT. This inherently brings risk when trying to lead the way with new technologies, large scale IT projects, and innovative concepts. IT projects are notoriously challenging, especially the larger initiatives. Both ISF and the State of Florida have a vested interest in ensuring tax dollars are spent wisely and valued projects are successful. ISF is based in Florida, employs Floridians, and works very closely as a long term strategic partner with the State.”

Ultimately, ISF’s success in Florida does not stand alone, explains Conrad: “Our growth and success is closely tied to that of the state. We value our ties to Florida and we believe in setting clear expectations, validation at each step, open communication, and consistent reporting of progress for major IT projects are in the best interest of the state, its citizens, and ISF.” With the award of the State Term Contract (STC) for IV&V services to ISF, the State of Florida has opened doors for new possibilities for innovation, growth, and a continued mutually beneficial partnership between ISF and the State of Florida for years to come.

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