ISF Earns Federal Contract Renewal

June 20, 2014

After receiving a rating of “excellent” for its General Services Administration (GSA) contract through its Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) assessment, ISF has earned another renewal for its GSA federal contract.

ISF’s GSA MSA contract has been renewed for the next five years as of March 2014. ISF has been on the contract since 2009. This GSA MSA contract allows state and local government agencies to acquire ISF’s information technology services and products at a pre-negotiated price to allow for expedited procurement.

ISF acquired this contract through a rigorous process of producing reports, data, and meeting strict requirements. This partnership aids local government entities around the country. To GSA buyers, ISF is considered a reliable and stable vendor that is able to provide services to meet growing information technology needs within municipalities. As a top leader in information technology, ISF and its contract with GSA allows an additional venue to help Florida meet its IT and job growth initiatives.

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