ISF Announces Partnership with Telerik’s Sitefinity

January 23, 2013


ISF Announces Partnership with Telerik’s Sitefinity

Telerik's Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS)

ISF has partnered with Sitefinity, a division of Telerik, to deliver enterprise websites using the Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS). Sitefnity is a proven and solid enterprise-class ASP .NET-based CMS that helps to deliver an exceptional online experience at a cost-effective price.

Telerik furnishes tools for project management, collaboration, and development; this allows companies like ISF to develop rich, stable, and aesthetically pleasing software and user interfaces.  ISF uses these tools to produce applications, portals, public and private interfaces, and other products to meet client needs.  Sitefinity is a Microsoft .NET based CMS that fully integrates with Visual Studio providing a more robust and customizable solution. It will adapt to any sizable business requirement and is used across a wide variety of industries including financial, government, and education.

Sitefinity understands the needs of both the client and the developer. By using Sitefinity ISF is able to provide clients with unique functionality that would traditionally have to be developed in-house as part of a web development project. Sitefinity’s CMS affords ISF the opportunity to pass on significant cost savings to clients.  It allows ISF to build solutions that empower clients to manage and maintain their own website content, freeing ISF to focus on custom software components.  Sitefinity’s cutting-edge technologies combined with ISF’s ingenuity and skillset deliver high-quality and appealing user-friendly designs.


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