ISF Expands GIS Services to Clients Nationwide

March 7, 2017

Tallahassee, FL — ISF has reinforced its core value of client partnership by strengthening the company’s GIS (Geographic Information Systems) consulting services. ISF’s focus on GIS provides its clients the opportunity to gather targeted intelligence that allows them to make more informed, data-driven decisions when serving their customers. Specifically, ISF’s GIS clients will view and present their data geospatially, which will offer new insights into relationships among data points and drive results-based solutions.

GIS can serve a variety of functions for ISF’s clients:

  • As a quantitative tool, GIS presents information visually which often reveals trends, patterns, and relationships among multiple data sets that come from a variety of sources.
  • As an information management solution, GIS can help clients leverage existing data to support decision-making and maximize the utility of technology investments by providing a platform to share and communicate information in a more interactive and intuitive way.
  • As a mapping application, GIS can provide a collaborative platform for agencies to share data with the public, increasing transparency between the governments and citizens.

ISF is pleased to announce Dr. Charles Layman will lead these service offerings as the GIS Marketing Director. In this capacity, he will offer technical expertise as the company expands its nationwide GIS services. Dr. Layman is a solutions-focused leader with a passion for geography, technology, and discovery. Leveraging his interdisciplinary experience, he draws technical and problem-solving skills from his background in geographic information science, data analytics, business systems analysis, and statistical modeling. Dr. Layman holds a doctorate in Geography from Florida State University.

Our GIS service delivery capabilities will span the entire GIS lifecycle, including the following:

1.    Data creation and acquisition

2.    Processing, analyzing, and publishing data

3.    Development of sophisticated mapping products and web-based solutions

4.    Preservation and maintenance of GIS data

ISF’s GIS solutions transform location-based information into powerful tools that can visualize data, spatial relationships, and processes such as changes over time. These solutions utilize real-time and historical analytics to provide snapshot views of current conditions and activities while supporting long-term resource planning and program management strategies. Custom integrations combine information and data captured in the field, generated on desktops, and delivered from outside sources and products.

GIS is an integral technology in government operations, and ISF is pleased to offer solutions that incorporate GIS functionality into existing releases and new projects. With demand for GIS rising at all levels from leadership to constituents, ISF is ready to respond to the changing needs of its clients. ISF’s solutions will be configurable and scalable to meet both individual user needs and security needs across a diverse agency or enterprise.

With its corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, FL, and offices in Tallahassee, FL, and Austin, TX, ISF, Inc. provides clients nationwide with management consulting, information technology, and public-private partnership services. Having served clients large and small for 38 years, ISF, Inc. is committed to helping businesses and governments improve operations so they can focus on their core missions.

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