ISF Project Team Leads by Example

October 24, 2012

In October 2011, the Florida Department of Health (FDOH), Bureau of HIV/AIDS contracted with Florida-based national management consulting and information technology firm ISF to replace an aging collection of databases used to process incoming HIV/AIDS related electronic laboratory results. ISF worked with the Bureau to develop a new HIV/AIDS Labs (HAL) tracking system. This new system allows the Bureau to track HIV/AIDS cases throughout the state and maintain lab report records to monitor each patient’s progression through treatment and prevent statewide spread of the disease.

The ISF HAL Team completed system development within a condensed 4-month timeframe. Then it happened, a frantic call from the client two weeks before the new system was scheduled to come on-line. The old system had crashed. The data still existed, but the system that processed incoming lab results, and tipped off Bureau staff as to where patient follow-up or notification was needed, was no longer functional. This was not a simple hiccup; it was a full system failure. The client needed the new system up and running and they needed it now. The ISF HAL Team combined their forces and launched into action.

“The Team’s response to the client’s emergency was amazing,” says ISF Client Partner Jonathan Conrad, who oversaw the HAL project. “Everyone from the technical lead to the developers and testers, everyone came together and presented a quality working system to the client within one single day. This experience is a testament to how well our staff work together as a team, and how well our team worked with the client. If not for the dedication and effective communication between ISF and Bureau staff, there’s no way we would have been able to deploy a working system in that kind of time and without any major errors or bugs.”

For its quick response time and quality result, the ISF HAL Team received a letter of appreciation from the client, which has been hung with pride on the wall of ISF’s Tallahassee office.

In a letter addressed to ISF’s Client Partner Jonathan Conrad, DOH wrote, “All of the members of the team, including you, exceeded expectations for this time-limited project”.  

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