ISF Rings in 2012 with an Image Overhaul and New CEO

January 1, 2012

ISF, a Florida-based management consulting and information technology firm with offices in Jacksonville and Tallahassee, is kicking off 2012 with an overhaul of its corporate brand and a new CEO. Changes include a revamped logo, updated tagline, and a newly designed website at Founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1979, ISF has provided trusted service for more than 32 years.

Long time ISF employee and former COO, Cyndy Loomis, will replace ISF founder, Tom Solano, as CEO. Solano will stay on in an advisory role as company President. Loomis, who is based out of ISF's Tallahassee office, will divide her time between the firm's two Florida offices, while dedicating additional time to expanding ISF to new markets. When asked about the corporate changes, she said, "The marketplace has evolved and ISF has evolved with it to better meet the needs of its clients. Many of our software development clients think of us strictly as a software development firm, but the truth is we're far more than that. Management Consulting has grown to become one of our best-selling service offerings. Through our experience and success in that arena, we're finding ourselves in a position to compete with companies that are larger and more widely known. The same goes for our P3 (Public-Private Partnership) offerings. In reality, very little about ISF is changing. We're just more accurately communicating who ISF is as a firm."

Loomis feels the new corporate tagline is a prime example: Individualized Service. Innovative Solutions. Focused Results. "That's not just who we are today, it's who ISF has always been," she said.

In 2012, the company will also move toward using the concise ISF in all its marketing materials in place of its full name, Information Systems of Florida. When asked about this change, Loomis said, "ISF is proud of its Florida roots and we have no plans to move our headquarters out of Jacksonville. But we aren't just a Florida firm. We have clients nationwide and I think the ISF moniker appropriately accounts for that."

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