Tallahassee Business Leader, Cyndy Loomis, Awarded Membership to Florida TaxWatch Board

December 10, 2012

For Immediate Release:

Tallahassee Business Leader, Cyndy Loomis, Awarded Membership to Florida TaxWatch Board

Cyndy Loomis, CEO of Tallahassee-Based Company, ISF, Proudly Announces Her New Board Membership to Florida’s TaxWatch Organization

ISF CEO, Cyndy Loomis, was welcomed to the Board of Trustees for the widely recognized organization, Florida TaxWatch, in October of 2012. Ms. Loomis joined ISF in 1989 and brings over 25 years of leadership and business experience to the Board.

As a business leader who is located in the hub of Florida’s capital, Ms. Loomis recognized the importance of being involved with such a significant organization as TaxWatch. Ms. Loomis finds that TaxWatch is “persuasive and a highly respected organization.”

Ms. Loomis goes on to say, “I look forward to participating in TaxWatch’s upcoming events. They are a significant voice for Florida taxpayers as proven by their research publications and other activities. They truly strive for the betterment of Florida and its citizens. I’m honored to be a part of that.”

Florida TaxWatch is the “watchdog” of hard-earned income for Floridians throughout the State. TaxWatch was recognized by the Governmental Research Association as the winner of 2012’s “Most Distinguished Research.” TaxWatch is a private, non-profit, non-partisan research institute dedicated to watching over Florida’s revenues and taxation policies with the goal of ensuring that citizens’ tax dollars are handled properly and ethically throughout the State. Ms. Loomis and other Board members will meet throughout the year to provide input to critical tax issues, research efforts, and influential reports that Florida government executives depend upon.

ISF is an $8 million national management consulting and information technology firm that helps Florida businesses and government operate better, smarter, and more efficiently. ISF has served clients large and small for more than 30 years. More information on ISF can be found at www.ISF.com.


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