Public/Private Partnerships

A P3 is a contractual relationship between a government and a private sector entity, whereby the assets and skills of each partner are shared in delivering a service or product to the public. Because the private sector partner may provide a portion or all of the capital funding for the partnership, a cost recovery model is often implemented to recoup the initial capital investment.

A partnership with the private sector offers the government sector an opportunity to:

  • Improve the quality and delivery of public services
  • Address critical infrastructure needs in ways that meet citizen expectations
  • Effectively deal with ongoing budgetary realities
  • Focus on their core mission

For more than 10 years, ISF has provided business process outsourcing, including helpdesk support, ongoing system changes, and system hosting, through public/private partnerships via its CE Broker division. Outsourcing business functions leverages the expertise of the private sector, allowing our clients to focus on their core missions. Performance metrics ensure outcomes are delivered and accountability guaranteed.

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